Code Review Champion is Open for Beta Readers!

Dan Goslen
1 min readOct 1, 2022

I’m excited to announce Code Review Champion (my book on code reviews) is open for beta-readers!!

I’ve been working on this short book to help engineers embrace technical feedback so they don’t have to dread code reviews. In it, I’m sharing all of the tools and insights I’ve learned over ten years and hundreds of code reviews.

I’m trying to embrace technical feedback in my book writing too and would love your feedback!

A few notes about the beta and the feedback I’m looking for:

  • There are mistakes and gaps. Any and every piece of feedback you have is valuable!
  • If something isn’t adding up or you don’t feel convinced by an argument, let me know!
  • All feedback is anonymous so no need to hedge your opinions
  • If you can’t get through a chapter, leave a comment where you drop off. I’d rather learn where people are falling off rather than slogging through out of obligation

To access the beta, click the link below!

👉 Code Review Champion Beta!

Happy coding!

Dan Goslen

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